How Can TraderMade Help With Your Data Needs?

Since the inception of the company in 1984, TraderMade has been providing businesses and financial market participants including traders, dealers, analysts, investment managers and app developers with a huge variety of financial data.

With the huge amount of data providers now available, finding the right solution can be a time-consuming, complicated and frustrating process depending on your requirements. Previously, the fintech businesses required market data with instrument lists that included just G10 currency pairs and a handful of commodities and equity indices — now times have changed. Clients now want the full breadth of the financial market data.

Both real-time and historical financial data is available via TraderMade Forex API. Due to our long-established relationships with large institutional clients, we have access to multiple trading feeds that reflect true price-action within the markets. The data is then aggregated into our proprietary feed and does not include any skewed or biased pricing from retail providers — and this has been the case since 1984. We have one of the most extensive historical FX data libraries and have superfast real-time data available via our data API.

In recent years, due to the popularity of digital assets, we have included Cryptocurrency data for the main instruments (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum) plus also expanded other non-forex CFD instruments including Equity Indices for the leading global Indexes, plus also Stock market data including coverage for the FANG’S (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google).

Our mission statement is to enable all market participants to succeed with the best products available, therefore we have increased our direct market data coverage plus also widened our network of partners to include more niche instruments. Combined with our commercially-efficient model for Fintech companies and start-ups and popularity with Blockchain businesses, customers can be assured that any project that you need assistance or guidance with, then our experienced Development and Customer Support team will be there to help.

If you require other data sets that are not available via our API, please contact sales or talk to one of our experts as we can source data for you. Below is a full set of financial market data we can provide on request.

Forex & CFD — WebSocket, & FIX

● Global Live Streaming Data Feed

Forex & CFD — REST API

● Global Live, Historical Tick, Minute, Intraday and End of Day Pricing

FX Forwards

● Global Real-Time, Delayed and Historical Pricing


● Global Real-Time, Delayed and Historical Pricing

We also have access to;

Corporate Actions & Dividends

● Worldwide Corporate Actions, Worldwide Dividends, Worldwide Fixed Income, DerivActions, UK Corporate Actions Data, Universal Receipts, UK Dividends, North American Corporate Actions Data, Woodseer Dividend Forecasting & US Bankruptcy Data.

Reference Data

● Securities Reference File Data

Pricing & Analytics

● End of Day Pricing, Adjustment Factors Data, Bond Fixed Income Derived Data, Adjusted Closing Prices, Worldwide Equity Analytics, Worldwide Fixed Income Evaluated Pricing, Canadian Fixed Income Evaluated Pricing, Derivatives End of Day Pricing, Short Interest Data & Valuation Software

Shares Outstanding

● Worldwide Shares Outstanding

Initial Public Offering

● IPO and Further Public Offering (FPO)


● Threshold Securities, Swap Surve, Credit Default Swap Data, FX Option Volatility data, Swaption Volatility Data, Derivatives Contract Specification Database & Option Analytics Service

Open-Ended Investment Funds

● US Mutual Funds, UK Unit Trust Data

Economic Data

● Global Economic Data, Economic Indicator Service, African Financial & Economic Data


● Worldwide Equity Cost Basis

Global Market Holidays and Timings

Speak to us today and let TraderMade assist you with your data requirements

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