TraderMade Launch Python Development Kit for Forex, CFD and Crypto Data

Getting Financial Market data via an API can be a pain sometimes. For this reason alone, TraderMade decided to launch the Python Software Development Kit (SDK), making it more accessible for users to get their data.

The SDK enables users to query and download real-time and historical Forex, CFD, and Crypto data in three lines of code. You can read the full tutorial on Python SDK. The tutorial also accompanies a video.

TraderMade CEO Chris Randall commented — “Working with an API requires users to understand, in more detail, the workings of an API and all the routes and their responses. With our Python SDK, we aim to make this process simpler and accessible to a wide variety of users.”

The addition of Python SDK shows TraderMade ongoing commitment to support global fintech organizations with the financial data and tools required to build high-tech applications.

For more information on TraderMade new Python SDK visit our docs page.




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Fintech Enabler

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